NISM Series (XV) Research Analyst

This workbook - "Research Analyst (XV)" is published by the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM). The main objective of this workbook is to help aspirants in preparing for the NISM Series (XV) exam or more generally known as "NISM - Research Analyst certification examination".

This book is usefull for:

  • Candidates preparing for NISM Series (XV) exam
  • Individuals employed as research analyst
  • Partners of a Research Analyst
  • All those who wish to know the basics of Indian Securities Markets

Important features of the book

  • This workbook assists aspirants in preparing for the NISM Series (XV) certification examination for Research Analyst.
  • The book covers various terminologies used in the equity and debt markets
  • The book covers all important topics required to perform research on companies.
  • The workbook also covers the essential aspects of writing a good research report.
  • The workbook introduces top down and bottom up approach to fundamental research; micro and macro-economic analysis; qualitative and quantitative dimensions with respect to Company Analysis; Fundamentals of Risk and Return; Valuation Principles.

About the author: National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM)


Below you can see the list of major topics covered in workbook - "Research Analyst (XV)".

  • Introduction to Research Analyst Profession
  • Introduction to Securities Market
  • Terminology in Equity and Debt Markets
  • Fundamentals of Research
  • Industry Analysis
  • Company Analysis – Qualitative Dimensions
  • Company Analysis – Quantitative Dimensions
  • Corporate Actions
  • Valuation Principles
  • Fundamentals of Risk and Return
  • Qualities of a good Research Report
  • Legal and Regulatory Environment
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