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UGC NET Home Science: Syllabus, Exam Pattern & Sample Questions

Are you searching for the syllabus of UGC NET Home Science? Here you will get the latest syllabus for the National Eligibility Test (UGC-NET) exam. It will surely help you in the effective preparation of NET Home Science exam (Paper II, Paper III-A & Paper III-B). CBSE NET Home Science exam will be conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The syllabus given below is based on the latest pattern of the University Grants Commission (UGC) - Home Science curriculum. We suggest you to check our free online mock tests for UGC NET examinations.

We have listed some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs), asked by the UGC NET (Home Science) candidates, so that they will get a basic idea of NET (Home Science) exam pattern.

Recommended UGC NET Home Science: Free mock test

UGC NET Home Science Syllabus: Paper II, Paper III-A

  1. Unit - I
  2. Unit - II
  3. Unit - III
  4. Unit - IV
  5. Unit - V
  6. Unit - VI
  7. Unit - VII
  8. Unit - VIII
  9. Unit - IX
  10. Unit - X

UGC NET Home Science Syllabus: Paper III (Part-B)

  1. Elective Paper - I
  2. Elective Paper - II
  3. Elective Paper - III
  4. Elective Paper - IV
  5. Elective Paper - V
  6. Elective Paper - VI

UGC NET Home Science Paper II, Paper III-A: Detailed Syllabus

Given below is the list of unit wise syllabus for UGC NET (Home Science) paper-II, Paper-II-A.

Unit - I : Food Science

Unit - II : Nutrition Science

Unit - III : Institutional Management

Unit - IV : Clothing

Unit - V : Textiles

Unit - VI : Resource Management

Unit - VII : Human Development

Unit - VIII : Non - Formal Education and Extension Education

Unit - IX : Developmental and Educational Communication

Unit - X : Methods of Research

UGC NET Home Science (Paper III-B): Detailed Syllabus

Given below is the list of (Elective / Optional) unit wise syllabus for paper III (Part B).

Elective paper - I : Food and Nutrition

Elective paper - II : Institutional Management and Dietetics

Elective paper - III : Child and Human Development

Elective paper - IV : Clothing and Textiles

Elective paper - V : Home and Community Resource Management

Elective paper - VI : Home Science Extension Education

UGC NET Home Science: Exam Pattern (FAQs)

Is it mandatory to qualify UGC General Paper-1?
Yes, it is necessary for all UGC (Home Science) candidates to pass UGC General Paper-1: Teaching & Research Aptitude (TRA) exam
How many question papers are there in the UGC NET (Home Science) exam?
Two: Paper II and Paper III
How many questions will be their in NET Home Science (Paper II)?
Their will be a total of 50 questions in UGC Home Science Paper II
What type of questions are asked in UGC Home Science exam?
Paper-II contains questions of objective nature: MCQs; Matching type; Assertion-Reasoning; True / False. Paper-III (Part A): Essay type questions. Paper III (Part B): Essay type questions from each of the electives

UGC NET Home Science - Paper II: Sample Questions

Specific curricular objectivity statement which describes the

  1. Teacher's purpose of teaching
  2. Subject-matter to be grasped
  3. Terminal behaviour of the learner
  4. Learning activities in a classroom

The driving force behind people in participation in extension is

  1. Enthusiasm
  2. Paternalism
  3. Power
  4. Authority

Open University system differs from the formal University higher education in respect of

  1. Curricular objective
  2. Evaluation pattern
  3. Eligibility criteria
  4. Curricular content

UGC NET Home Science - Paper III (Part A): Sample Questions

  1. Write the procedure to be adopted for estimation of B-carotene in a homemade weaning food.
  2. Our body exercises economy in the use of iron. Explain how this is brought about body.
  3. Give the normal lipid composition of blood. what factors can affect and how to ensure that these remain normal?
  4. Explain the management of hepatic encephalopathy giving its rationale.

UGC NET Home Science - Paper III (Part B): Sample Questions

  1. How would you evaluate the impact of a nutrition education for being run for improving weaning practices in an urban slum?
  2. Enumerate the role of 3 'E' in safety program?
  3. Enumerate the basic facilities required for a day care centre serving underprivileged children
  4. Compare the performance of recent laundry agents (w.r.t final appearance).
  5. Explain the micro and macro environment of family system.
  6. Explain the significance of communication in administration.

Note You can easily download UGC NET (Home Science) syllabus in PDF format form the official website of the University Grants Commission (UGC) by simply clicking on the subject (Home Science) link on the UGC syllabus page.

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