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UGC NET Archaeology: Syllabus, Exam Pattern & Sample Questions

Are you searching for the syllabus of UGC NET Archaeology? Here you will get the latest syllabus for the National Eligibility Test (UGC-NET) exam. It will surely help you in the effective preparation of NET Archaeology exam (Paper II, Paper III-A & Paper III-B). CBSE NET Archaeology exam will be conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The syllabus given below is based on the latest pattern of the University Grants Commission (UGC) - Archaeology curriculum. We suggest you to check our free online mock tests for UGC NET examinations.

We have listed some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs), asked by the UGC NET (Archaeology) candidates, so that they will get a basic idea of NET (Archaeology) exam pattern.

Recommended UGC NET Archaeology: Free mock test

UGC NET Archaeology Syllabus: Paper II & Paper III-A

  1. Unit - I
  2. Unit - II
  3. Unit - III
  4. Unit - IV
  5. Unit - V
  6. Unit - VI
  7. Unit - VII
  8. Unit - VIII
  9. Unit - IX
  10. Unit - X

UGC NET Archaeology Syllabus: Paper III (Part-B)

  1. Elective Paper - I
  2. Elective Paper - II
  3. Elective Paper - III
  4. Elective Paper - IV
  5. Elective Paper - V

UGC NET Archaeology (Paper II / Paper III-A): Detailed Syllabus

Given below is the list of unit wise syllabus for UGC NET (Archaeology) paper-II.

Unit - I

Unit - II

Unit - III

Unit - IV

Unit - V

Unit - VI

Unit - VII

Unit - VIII

Unit - IX

Unit - X

UGC NET Archaeology (Paper III-B): Detailed Syllabus

Given below is the list of (Elective / Optional) unit wise syllabus for paper III (Part B).

Elective - I

Elective - II

Elective - III

Elective - IV

Architecture :

Sculpture :

Paintings :

Elective - V



Main Coin Types :

UGC NET Archaeology: Exam Pattern (FAQs)

Is it mandatory to qualify UGC General Paper-1?
Yes, it is necessary for all UGC (Archaeology) candidates to pass UGC General Paper-1: Teaching & Research Aptitude (TRA) exam
How many question papers are there in the UGC NET (Archaeology) exam?
Two: Paper II and Paper III
How many questions will be their in NET Archaeology (Paper II)?
Their will be a total of 50 questions in UGC Archaeology Paper II
What type of questions are asked in UGC Archaeology exam?
Paper-II contains questions of objective nature: MCQs; Matching type; Assertion-Reasoning; True / False. Paper-III (Part A): Essay type questions. Paper III (Part B): Essay type questions from each of the electives

UGC NET Archaeology - Paper II: Sample Questions

(1) The site of olduvai gorge was excavated by

  1. Clark howell
  2. JD clark
  3. L buford
  4. LSB leakey

(2) Lapiy-layuli mines are located at

  1. Sahyadri Hills
  2. Badakhan Hills
  3. Shivaliks
  4. Satpura

(3) The book pre-history and post-history in India and Pakistan is authored by

  1. HD saukaliya
  2. B. Allchin
  3. BK Thapar
  4. B Subbarao

UGC NET Archaeology - Paper III (Part A): Sample Questions

  1. Bring out the characteristics of the early tirthankara images.
  2. Write a critical note on the Chandragupta Kumar Devi type of Gupta Gold coins.

UGC NET Archaeology - Paper III (Part B): Sample Questions

  1. Trace the development of the stupa architecture in India.
  2. Reconstruct the history of pratiharas on the basis of Gwalior inscription of Mihira Bhoja.

Note You can easily download UGC NET (Archaeology) syllabus in PDF format form the official website of the University Grants Commission (UGC) by simply clicking on the subject (Archaeology) link on the UGC syllabus page.

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