NTA UGC NET Political Science Mock Test 2020 Model Exam Question Paper

✅ NTA UGC NET Political Science Mock Test Series 2020: ✅ Practice free online NTA UGC NET Political Science model exam solved question paper with answers.


✅ NTA UGC NET Political Science Exam Free Online Mock Test Question Paper

Prepare for NTA UGC NET Political Science examination with our free mock test question paper with answers and solutions.

What do you get?
What is NTA UGC NET Political Science exam?
CBSE conducts National Eligibility Test Political Science (PS) examination on behalf of UGC. Qualified candidates are considered eligible to apply for Political Science faculty jobs in Indian educational institutions.
Do I have to pay for this mock test?
No, this NTA UGC NET Political Science (PS) mock test is absolutely free.
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✅ NTA UGC NET Political Science Examination Question Paper (1 & 2) Pattern

This NTA UGC NET exam is divided into two parts (i.e) Part I and Part II. You need to qualify in both papers to pass the UGC NET Political Science exam.

  1. Paper I : It consists of 50 questions from NTA UGC NET Paper 1 - teaching & research aptitude exam (general paper), which you have to attempt in 1 hour.
  2. Paper II : The UGC Political Science exam (paper 2) will have 100 questions and the total duration will be two hours. Each question carries 2 marks, so the exam will be worth 200 marks. Read below to know the pattern of NET Political Science examination (part II).
Exam Highlights Details
Test Duration 120 minutes
Total Questions 100
Marks per question 2
Total Marks 200
Negative Marking N/A

✅ NTA UGC NET Political Science Exam Paper 2 Syllabus

Unit Details
Political Theory Study the ideas and rules that individuals use to portray, clarify, and assess political occasions and organizations.
Comparative Politics and political analysis Study the domestic legislative issues, political organizations, and conflicts of nations.
Indian Government and Politics Explain the complexities of the Indian political process and its consequences for the established organizations of India.
Public Administration Study the execution and prepares civil servants for working in the public administration.
International Relation Explain the communications of states in the worldwide interstate framework and the collaborations of others whose conduct begins inside one nation and is focused toward individuals from different nations.
Political Development and modernization Investigate the monetary advancement and the change from rural to mechanical social orders.
Power and Authority Study the most fundamental parts of all associations and political organizations.
Political Socialization and Political Culture Learn the procedure by which individuals take in their parts as subjects and build up a comprehension of government and legislative issues.
Theory of International Relation Understand the hypothesis of thoughts that clarifies how the global framework functions.
Indian Foreign Policy Investigate the activities made towards different states by the present government.
Conflict and Conflict Resolution Explain the idea which is a path for at least two parties to find a tranquil answer for a contradiction among them.
Ideology Power and Interest Appreciation of concepts of Ideology Power and Interest.