What is VITEEE?
Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination more commonly known as VITEEE is an entrance test for admission in Vellore Engineering College.
What is the admission procedure of VIT?
Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) conducts its own entrance exam. Those candidates who successfully pass in the exam become qualified for the admission.
When is the VITEEE conducted every year?
This exam is conducted in the month of April and May.
Is the level of VITEEE easier than JEE?
Yes, it is much easier.
What is the procedure of admissions for nonengineering undergraduate courses?
It is based on your 12th board result (class XII mark sheet). Only candidates with Mathematics as one regular subject are considered eligible.
What are the various academic programs in by VIT?
Vellore Institute of Technology offers undergraduate, postgraduate, integrated MS courses, and doctoral programs.

How do I score well in VITEEE?

How do I prepare for Physics?
Most of the questions are conceptual and are easier to solve if you know how to solve them by directly applying formulas. Referring NCERT Physics book is more than enough for the purpose of mastering the application of formulas. You might be willing to know some of the important chapters to consider to prepare for Physics. Well, the answer is - optics; electromagnetic waves; current electrical and magnetism; Magnetic effects of electrostatics, etc.
How to prepare for Chemistry?
When it comes to Chemistry, the majority number of questions do not require any calculation at all. Once again, NCERT Chemistry book will prove very helpful throughout your preparation. You will have to concentrate on different theories and concepts. Some of the important topics are - Atomic Structure; p,d, and f - Block Elements; Electrochemistry; Biomolecules; Isomerism; Alcohols and Ethers; Nitrogen Compounds; Carbonyl, etc.
How do I prepare for Mathematics?
Problems asked in VITEEE from Mathematics section are mostly of conceptual nature. So learn and revise NCERT book regularly. However, when it comes to Mathematics completely relying on NCERT books is not a wise decision. You have to refer some quality study material on Mathematics from authentic publishers. Some of the important topics on which you should focus on are - Complex Numbers; Probability Distributions; Differential Equations; Applications of Matrices and Determinants; Integral Calculus and its Applications; Discrete Mathematics, etc.
How to prepare for the English section of VITEEE?
Practice a lot of MCQs (multiple choice questions) from the important topics in English - passage comprehension; speech; error spotting, etc.
What is the best study material for VITEEE?
Just refer NCERT books. You may consult other reference books from various reputed authors (publishers) but keep NCERT books as your first priority. Try solving more and more previous year VITEEE question papers to get a better insight of exam pattern and the level of questions.
Are questions asked in VITEEE strictly restricted to their given syllabus?
Yes, and in resonance with NCERT syllabus.
Is their negative marking in VITEEE?
No, there is no negative marking scheme in VITEEE. We, therefore, advise all the candidates to attempt all the questions. Select the option which you think is the right option and don't leave even single question unattempted.