Chemistry Mock Test 2024: Free Online Practice Papers

Practice free online Chemistry sample mock test series: Download Chemistry solved model exam PDF papers with previous years' questions and answers.

What is Chemistry Mock Test?

Chemistry Mock Tests are model tests for the online practice of the Chemistry section. This helps students create a better exam preparation strategy. If you treat Chemistry mock tests as actual tests, you will perform well in the actual Chemistry part of the exam. So instead of just rote learning concepts, practice Chemistry mock tests to measure your strengths and weakness. Chemistry mocks will help you in developing an effective study strategy.

As per the new exam pattern, it is necessary to include Chemistry practice tests in your preparation strategy. We, at Testmocks, have designed Chemistry mock test series that will provide you with in-depth coverage of the latest syllabus.

Benefits/Advantages of Taking Chemistry mock tests?

Practice of online mock tests is important for candidates appearing in the upcoming Chemistry exam. Our mock tests are prepared by experienced teachers. Chemistry mock test is similar to the real exam and helps students assess their preparation.

By practicing free online Chemistry mock tests, you get a fair idea about the real test pattern and reduce pre-exam anxiety. Chemistry mock tests are important because of the time-bound practice they provide. Chemistry Multiple attempts of Chemistry mock test will help you revise the entire syllabus. Chemistry mock tests help you remember basic concepts and perform better in the actual exams. Chemistry Mock tests provide the scope of the question paper. Chemistry Mock tests improve your time management skill.

Attempting multiple mock tests helps students revise the entire Chemistry exam syllabus. This way they memorize concepts and perform well in the Chemistry exam. Mock tests make students familiar with the style and scope of the Chemistry question paper.

Why use Testmocks Chemistry Online Tests?

  • Take new Chemistry tests: Online mock tests based on actual Chemistry exam paper.
  • Community-driven: Created by top-notch Chemistry faculties.
  • Comprehensive preparation tool: Our Chemistry mock test series allow you to analyse your progress.
  • View Chemistry score: After practicing our online Chemistry tests, you can check your score and view answer sheets with exlpanations.
  • Free to use: We try to help candidates with our free Chemistry mock tests.

Unique Features of Testmocks Chemistry Test Series

  • Practice online tests including objective questions from old Chemistry papers.
  • Solve free online model exam papers based on latest syllabus.
  • Take Chemistry mock tests based on real exam pttern.

NCERT Chemistry Class 12 Chapter-wise Mock Tests

  1. Solid State Mock Test.
  2. Solutions Mock Test.
  3. Electrochemistry Mock Test.
  4. Chemical Kinetics Mock Test.
  5. Surface Chemistry Mock Test.
  6. p -Block Elements Mock Test.
  7. d -and f -Block Elements Mock Test.
  8. Coordination Compounds Mock Test.
  9. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Mock Test.
  10. Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers Mock Test.
  11. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids Mock Test.
  12. Amines Mock Test.
  13. Biomolecules Mock Test.

NCERT Chemistry Class 11 Chapter-wise Mock Tests

  1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Mock Test.
  2. Structure of Atom Mock Test.
  3. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Mock Test.
  4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Mock Test.
  5. States of Matter: Gases and Liquids Mock Test.
  6. Thermodynamics Mock Test.
  7. Equilibrium Mock Test.
  8. Redox Reactions Mock Test.
  9. Hydrogen Mock Test.
  10. s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals) Mock Test.
  11. Some p-Block Elements Mock Test.
  12. Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques Mock Test.
  13. Hydrocarbons Mock Test.
  14. Environmental Chemistry Mock Test.

NCERT Chemistry Class 10 Chapter-wise Mock Tests

  1. Chemical Reactions and Equations Mock Test.
  2. Acids, Bases and Salts Mock Test.
  3. Metals and Non-metals Mock Test.
  4. Carbon and its Compounds Mock Test.
  5. Periodic Classification of Elements Mock Test.

List of Govt Recruitment and Entrance Exam-wise Chemistry Mock Tests

Exam Name Chemistry Mock Test
National Testing Agency (NTA)Chemistry Quiz
JEE MainChemistry Quiz
JEE AdvancedChemistry Quiz
NATAChemistry Quiz
NEETChemistry Quiz
AIIMSChemistry Quiz
CLATChemistry Quiz
AILETChemistry Quiz
NIFTChemistry Quiz
NIDChemistry Quiz
AIEEDChemistry Quiz
SATChemistry Quiz
NCHMCT JEEChemistry Quiz
VITEEEChemistry Quiz
SRMJEEEChemistry Quiz
BITSATChemistry Quiz
METChemistry Quiz
COMEDK UGETChemistry Quiz
AP EAMCETChemistry Quiz
KIITEEChemistry Quiz
MHTCETChemistry Quiz
WBJEEChemistry Quiz
SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level (SSC CHSL)Chemistry Quiz
Upper Division Clerk (UDC)Chemistry Quiz
Lower Division Clerk (LDC)Chemistry Quiz
Postal Assistant (PA)Chemistry Quiz
Data Entry Operator (DEO)Chemistry Quiz
Sorting Assistant (SA)Chemistry Quiz
SSC Multi Tasking Staff (SSC MTS)Chemistry Quiz
SSC General Duty Constable (SSC GD Exam)Chemistry Quiz
SSC Grade C and Grade D Stenographer (SSC Stenographer)Chemistry Quiz
RRB Assistant Loco Pilot (RRB ALP)Chemistry Quiz
Railway Group D (RRB/RRC Group D)Chemistry Quiz
Indian Army Exam for the post of Technical Entry Scheme, Mahila Constables, Soldiers, Junior Commissioned Officers for CateringChemistry Quiz
Indian Navy Exam for the post of Sailor, Artificer Apprentice and Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR)Chemistry Quiz
Security ForcesChemistry Quiz
Border Security Force (BSF)Chemistry Quiz
Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)Chemistry Quiz
Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB)Chemistry Quiz
Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP)Chemistry Quiz
Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)Chemistry Quiz
Indian Coast Guard Exam for the post of Sailors, Technicians, Assistant Commandants and AirmenChemistry Quiz
All India Entrance Exam NDA for Armed Forces (National Defence Academy)Chemistry Quiz
Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) ExamChemistry Quiz
Railways Recruitment Exams (ALP)Chemistry Quiz
Railway Group DChemistry Quiz
Railway ClerksChemistry Quiz
Railway ConstablesChemistry Quiz
UPSC ExamChemistry Quiz
UPSC CAPFChemistry Quiz
State Public Service Commissions (PSCs) ExamsChemistry Quiz
Andhra Pradesh PSCChemistry Quiz
Arunachal Pradesh PSCChemistry Quiz
Assam PSCChemistry Quiz
Bihar PSCChemistry Quiz
Chhattisgarh PSCChemistry Quiz
Goa PSCChemistry Quiz
Gujarat PSCChemistry Quiz
Haryana PSCChemistry Quiz
Himachal Pradesh PSCChemistry Quiz
Jammu & Kashmir PSCChemistry Quiz
Jharkhand PSCChemistry Quiz
Karnataka PSCChemistry Quiz
Kerala PSCChemistry Quiz
Madhya Pradesh PSCChemistry Quiz
Maharashtra PSCChemistry Quiz
Manipur PSCChemistry Quiz
Meghalaya PSCChemistry Quiz
Mizoram PSCChemistry Quiz
Nagaland PSCChemistry Quiz
Odisha PSCChemistry Quiz
Punjab PSCChemistry Quiz
Rajasthan PSCChemistry Quiz
Sikkim PSCChemistry Quiz
Tamil Nadu PSCChemistry Quiz
Telangana PSCChemistry Quiz
Tripura PSCChemistry Quiz
Uttar Pradesh PSCChemistry Quiz
Uttarakhand PSCChemistry Quiz
West Bengal PSCChemistry Quiz

Language-wise Chemistry Mock Test 2024

State-wise Govt Examination Subject Language
Andhra Pradesh Govt ExamsChemistryTelugu
Arunachal Pradesh {AP} Govt ExamsChemistryEnglish
Assam Govt ExamsChemistryAssamese
Bihar Govt ExamsChemistryHindi
Chhattisgarh Govt ExamsChemistryHindi
Goa Govt ExamsChemistryKonkani
Gujarat Govt ExamsChemistryGujarati
Haryana Govt ExamsChemistryHindi
Himachal Pradesh {HP} Govt ExamsChemistryHindi
Jharkhand Govt ExamsChemistryHindi
Karnataka Govt ExamsChemistryKannada
Kerala Govt ExamsChemistryMalayalam
Madhya Pradesh {MP} Govt ExamsChemistryHindi
Maharashtra Govt ExamsChemistryMarathi
Manipur Govt ExamsChemistryMeiteilon (Manipuri)
Meghalaya Govt ExamsChemistryEnglish
Mizoram Govt ExamsChemistryMizo, English & Hindi
Nagaland Govt ExamsChemistryEnglish
Odisha Govt ExamsChemistryOdia
Punjab Govt ExamsChemistryPunjabi
Rajasthan Govt ExamsChemistryHindi
Sikkim Govt ExamsChemistryEnglish
Tamil Nadu Govt ExamsChemistryTamil
Telangana Govt ExamsChemistryTelugu & Urdu
Tripura Govt ExamsChemistryBengali, English & Kokborok
Uttar Pradesh {UP} Govt ExamsChemistryHindi
Uttarakhand Govt ExamsChemistryHindi
West Bengal {WB} Govt ExamsChemistryBengali
Andaman & Nicobar Island Govt ExamsChemistryHindi & English
Chandigarh Govt ExamsChemistryEnglish
Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu Govt ExamsChemistryGujarati, Marathi, Konkani & Hindi
Jammu and Kashmir Govt ExamsChemistryKashmiri, Dogri, English, Hindi, Urdu
Delhi Govt ExamsChemistryHindi
Ladakh Govt ExamsChemistryLadakhi, Purgi, Hindi, English
Lakshadweep Govt ExamsChemistryMalayalam & English
Pondicherry Govt ExamsChemistryTamil