JCECE Mock Test 2021 | Exam Question Paper PDF | Practice Free Online JCECE Quiz

JCECE Mock Test Series 2021: Practice free online solved PDF question paper for JCECE exam (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology).

What is JCECE?

Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Exam (JCECE) is a state level exam. This exam is led by the Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board (JCECEB).

What are the important chapters for the JCECE which you should prepare well to score high in the JCECE?

Stick to NCERT books. Read everything and try not to miss anything from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology course book by NCERT. Try not to take any part lightly. For Mathematics read and revise all the topics given in NCERT course books and if you have perused from authentic reference books then it will be exceptionally useful to you. There aren't particular sections which you can cover for JCECE. Keep your nuts and bolts right and persistently your speed and accuracy will bring you a decent rank.

Is JCECE an online test?

Yes, Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board (JCECEB) has published a notification clearly mentioning that the JCECE exam will be conducted online from 2018.

How to get ready for JCECE for scoring 90+?

We will like you to take a look at the technique to pass JCECE exam and refine your preparation to score 90+ marks.

You have to focus on the essential parts

Not all sections are critical but some are certainly. When you set up a procedure to pass JCECE exam, you should focus around the subjects that have higher esteem, for example, Kinematics is fundamental part contrasted with Rotational Mechanics.

The procedure to crack JCECE exam is to adapt and update. It is fundamental to experience your study material, critical recipes and their essential applications. You ought to have the capacity to recall these focuses as the vast majority of the inquiry in JCECE exam originates from Physics, Chemistry and Biology possibly they are hypothetical in nature or they are numerical issues.

Practice previous year JCECE papers

Questions that come in JCECE exam are repetitive in nature. So, build the capacity to understand all the questions from the previous year's JCECE exam paper. You ought to have the capacity to revise Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology. You should remember a couple of things when you plan for this examination, for example, time restriction. This will assist you with acquiring the genuine feel of the JCECE exam.

You should remember your strengths and weaknesses

The most fundamental JCECE exam planning tips are to get ready according to your strengths and weaknesses. For a part that you find troublesome amid the JCECE exam preparation, it is smarter to note down the fundamental hypothesis from NCERT and revise the equations and tackle essential numerical. This will assist you in solving the basic information based questions.

It is smarter to practice exercises online If you are taking up JCECE exam this year, the best methodology to crack JCECE exam is to solve questions online and organize them according to your problem-solving level.

The questions are moderately simpler than questions of JEE Mains. So if you are very much prepared for that or regardless of whether you have sensibly prepared for class 12th (CBSE), that would do. That implies simply endeavoring the fundamental, equation-based question will take you past 90. Still, be smart, Solve previous year JCECE question papers.