NISM Series I: Currency Derivatives Certification Exam (CD)


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What is NISM Series I Certification?
NISM Series I Currency Derivatives is a career oriented certification provided by NISM. Successfully qualifying NISM Series I exam makes you a qualified professional with a greater understanding of Currency Derivatives markets (foreign exchange market).
What is the validity period of NISM Series I certificate?
The NISM Currency Derivatives certificate issued to a "qualified participant" shall be valid upto a period of 3 years.
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No, the mock test is absolutely free.
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NISM Series I: Currency Derivatives (CD) Examination Pattern

Exam HighlightsDetails
Test Duration120 minutes
Total Questions100
Marks per question1
Total Marks100
Passing Marks60%
Negative Marking1/4th

NOTE The examination will have 100 questions and the total duration will be two hours. Each question carries 1 marks, so the NISM series I: Currency Derivatives exam will be worth 100 marks. The passing mark is 60% so you will have to score at least 60 marks or you will be disqualified.

NISM Currency Derivatives Examination Syllabus

The curriculum consists of following topics.

  • Introduction to Currency Markets (Indian foreign exchange market)
  • Exchange traded currency options
  • Foreign Exchange (Forex) Derivatives
  • Basic financial accounting and taxation principles
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework for Currency Derivatives in India
  • Ethical and Professional codes of Conduct and Investor Protection Measures
  • Currency Futures: strategies, trading, clearing, settlement and risk management

What are the benefits of NISM Series I: Currency Derivatives (CD) Certification?

The certification provides an opportunity to understand various important aspects of currency markets. It gives you a detailed overview of all the major types of derivative instruments, such as Swaps, Options, Futures and Forward contract. It will also provide you the information about the key participants in a derivative market i.e. Hedgers, Speculators and Arbitrageurs. So, NISM Series I - Currency Derivatives (CD) certified candidates are considered to have a clear understanding of the concepts and characteristics of the currency derivatives.