# NISM Currency Derivatives (CD) Mock Test Series I Exam Paper Free Online PDF Questions Answers

✅ NISM Currency Derivatives Mock Test Series I: ✅ Practice questions and answers with our free online model exam paper. Prepare for ✅ NISM Currency Derivatives certification.


✅ NISM Currency Derivatives Mock Test | Free Online Questions with Answers | NISM Series I Currency Derivatives Certification Exam Paper

Practice free NISM online mock test to prepare for the Currency Derivatives certification exam with our free questions and answers.

What do you get?
What is NISM Series I Certification?
NISM Series I Currency Derivatives is a career oriented certification provided by NISM. Successfully qualifying NISM Series I exam makes you a qualified professional with a greater understanding of Currency Derivatives markets (foreign exchange market).
What is the validity period of NISM Series I certificate?
The NISM Currency Derivatives certificate issued to a "qualified participant" shall be valid upto a period of 3 years.
Do I have to pay for this NISM Series I model exam?
No, this NISM Currency Derivatives model exam is absolutely free.
How can I register for NISM Series I Model Exam?
Click here to register online for NISM Currency Derivatives certification examination.

✅ NISM Series I: Currency Derivatives (CD) Model Examination Paper Pattern

Exam Highlights Details
Test Duration 120 minutes
Total Questions 100
Marks per question 1
Total Marks 100
Passing Marks 60%
Negative Marking 1/4th

NOTE The examination will have 100 questions and the total duration will be two hours. Each question carries 1 marks, so the NISM series I: Currency Derivatives exam will be worth 100 marks. The passing mark is 60% so you will have to score at least 60 marks or you will be disqualified.

✅ NISM Currency Derivatives Examination Syllabus

The curriculum consists of following topics.

✅ What are the benefits of NISM Series I: Currency Derivatives (CD) Certification?

The certification provides an opportunity to understand various important aspects of currency markets. It gives you a detailed overview of all the major types of derivative instruments, such as Swaps, Options, Futures and Forward contract. It will also provide you the information about the key participants in a derivative market i.e. Hedgers, Speculators and Arbitrageurs. So, NISM Series I - Currency Derivatives (CD) certified candidates are considered to have a clear understanding of the concepts and characteristics of the currency derivatives.