Complete NEET Guide Physics 2018

This book - "Complete NEET Guide - Physics" by Disha publication will prove to be very helpful in preparing you for the Physics section of National Eligibility Cum Entrance test (NEET) exam. It is based on the latest CBSE pattern and covers full syllabus of Physics of Class XI and Class XII. You are provided with Physics's topic wise chapters and an attempt has been made to cover subject matter briefly. In every chapter plenty of important multiple choice questions have been compiled. The specialty of the MCQs is that most of them are from previous years' question papers of the NEET Examination (Physics portion). It gives you a clear idea about weightage of the chapter and number of questions asked in previous NEET exams.

About the author: Disha Publication

Important features of the book

  • Concise theory, flowcharts, tables with illustrations and complete chapter concept map for easy and quick revision of every chapter of Physics.
  • Plenty of multiple choice questions, answer key and detailed solutions.
  • 10 fully solved previous year (2008 - 2017) chapter wise AIPMT / NEET questions with solutions.
  • Conceptual theory with illustrative examples and exercises.
  • Collection of chapter wise practice questions of AIPMT / NEET examinations for practice.


Class XI Syllabus
Chapter 1Physical world and Measurement
Chapter 2Kinematics
Chapter 3Laws of Motion
Chapter 4Work, energy and power
Chapter 5Motion of system of particles and rigid body
Chapter 6Gravitation
Chapter 7Properties of bulk matter
Chapter 8Thermodynamics
Chapter 9Behaviour of perfect gas and kinetic theory
Chapter 10Oscillations and waves
Class XII Syllabus
Chapter 1Electrostatics
Chapter 2Current electricity
Chapter 3Magnetic effects of current and Magnetism
Chapter 4Electromagnetic induction and alternating current
Chapter 5Electromagnetic waves
Chapter 6Optics
Chapter 7Dual nature of matter and radiation
Chapter 8Atoms and nuclei
Chapter 9Electronic devices
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