Anti-Money Laundering & Know Your Customer

The textbook, "Anti-Money Laundering & Know Your Customer", published by Macmillan Publication, is a recommended guide for aspirants of upcoming JAIIB / Diploma in Banking and Finance.

The book, "Anti-Money Laundering & Know Your Customer", gives the hypothetical foundation regarding the matter and functional strides for banks implementing an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) / Know Your Customer (KYC) structure administration as per global measures. It clarifies the fundamental components required to manufacture a successful AML / KYC structure and abridges the part of the bankers in battling money laundering. The feature of the book is that it likewise contains the Direction Notes for banks on AML and KYC issued by Indian Banks' Association.

This book would help in picking up a more profound learning and comprehension on the different parts of AML/KYC and will be valuable to bankers, academicians and policy makers.

Money-laundering has obtained a worldwide character that debilitates security, as well as bargains the strength, transparency and effectiveness of financial frameworks. Money-laundering strategies are ending up more refined and complex with time.

Banks and financial institutions are required to acquaint and execute frameworks to prevent anti-social components from utilizing banking channels for money laundering.

Selection of suitable know-your-customer (KYC) methodology is an essential part of risk management in banks, to protect the certainty and the honesty of the integrity of the banking systems.

About the author: This workbook is a result of combined efforts of the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF) and Macmillan Publishers Limited.

Important features of the book

  • Based on the latest pattern and syllabus of JAIIB examination
  • Solved question papers of "Anti-Money Laundering & Know Your Customer" module from previous years
  • comprehensive information on different parts of AML/KYC, valuable to bankers, academicians and policy makers
  • Contents

    Below you can see the list of three modules covered in the book - "Anti-Money Laundering & Know Your Customer".

    Module AAnti-Money Laundering (AML)
    Module BKnow Your Customer (KYC)
    Module CIBA's Guidance Notes for Banks
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