ASVAB Exam Syllabus Online 2022

ASVAB Test Syllabus

List of all the eigth individual subtests of the ASVAB test is given below.

  1. General Science
  2. Arithmetic Reasoning
  3. Word Knowledge
  4. Paragraph Comprehension
  5. Auto Shop Information
  6. Mathematics Knowledge
  7. Mechanical Comprehension
  8. Electronics Information

ASVAB General Science Syllabus

Test name General Science
Test duration 11 minutes
Total questions 25
  • Physical sciences
  • Biological sciences

ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning Syllabus

Test name Arithmetic Reasoning
Test duration 36 minutes
Total questions 30
Topics Arithmetic word problems

ASVAB Word Knowledge Syllabus

Test name Word Knowledge
Test duration 11 minutes
Total questions 35
  • Vocabulary: selecting correct meaning of words given in context
  • Synonyms

ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension Syllabus

Test name Paragraph Comprehension
Test duration 13 minutes
Total questions 15
Topics Obtain information from written material

ASVAB Auto and Shop Information Syllabus

Test name Auto and Shop Information
Test duration 11 minutes
Total questions 25
  • Automobiles
  • Tools
  • Shop terminology and practices

ASVAB Mathematics Knowledge Syllabus

Test name Mathematics Knowledge
Test duration 24 minutes
Total questions 25
Topics High school mathematics principles

ASVAB Mechanical Comprehension Syllabus

Test name Mechanical Comprehension
Test duration 19 minutes
Total questions 25
  • Mechanical and physical principles
  • Visualize how illustrated objects work

ASVAB Electronics Information Syllabus

Test name Electronics Information
Test duration 9 minutes
Total questions 20
Topics Electricity and electronics

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