ACT Exam FAQs 2022

ACT Exam Overview

What is the ACT Test?
It is an entrance test, the score of which is used by various colleges for the admission purpose of high school students.
What is the mode of the ACT test?
It is a pencil-and-paper test.
What kind of questions are asked in the ACT exam?
Objective type: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

ACT Exam Structure

What subjects are on the ACT?
There are total five sections of the ACT exam: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing.
Does Section 5 of ACT count?
No, the writing section is an optional paper.
How many questions are on the ACT?
Math: 60 questions; Reading: 40 questions; Science: 40 questions; English: 75 questions; Writing: 1 Essay.
What is the total test duration of the ACT test excluding the Writing section?
2 hours and 55 minutes.
What is the total test duration of the ACT test including the Writing section?
3 hours and 35 minutes.

ACT Scoring

What is the importance of the ACT score?
The more you score in the ACT exam, the more options will be available to you for admission in various colleges.
How is the ACT scored?
It is calculated on a point scale basis.
How is each section of the ACT calculated?
The total score is calculated by taking the score of the four sections (English, Maths, Reading, Science) of the ACT exam. Writing section is not used for ACT scoring purpose.

ACT Exam Registration

What is the last date of the ACT exam registration?
You can register five weeks before each ACT test date.
How do I register for the ACT from my school?
You can contact your school counselor and get all the important registration materials.
How to register online for the ACT?
You can register online on the official website of ACT.

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