ACCUPLACER Test Exam FAQs 2022

Accuplacer Exam Overview

What is the Accuplacer test?
Accuplacer test is an academic examination. It is conducted for admission of students into various college courses.
What is the mode of the Accuplacer exam?
It is a computer-based test (CBT).
What is the Accuplacer test used for?
The test is conducted to access student skills in mathematics, reading, and writing.
Is the Accuplacer test hard?
With strong problem-solving skills, you can ace this test without much difficulty.

Accuplacer Exam Format

What type of questions are asked in the Accuplacer exams?
Objective type: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
What subjects are on the Accuplacer test?
Arithmetic, College Level Math, Elementary Algebra, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills; and WritePlacer (Essay writing).
What is the ideal time to complete this test?
With good time management, it will take you approximately 90 minutes to complete the test.
What is the level of Accuplacer test questions?
It is not fixed. The difficulty level of questions that appear in the Accuplacer test will increase if you start selecting more right answers.

Accuplacer Test Score

What does my Accuplacer score mean?
Your Accuplacer score determines your readiness to take college-level classes in key subjects.
How is the Accuplacer score calculated?
It is based on a scaled scoring system.
What is the score range for the classic Accuplacer tests?
20 to 120.
What is the score range for the Next Generation Accuplacer tests?
200 to 300 point range.
What are the score range of the WritePlacer and ESL Writing Accuplacer tests?
1 to 8.
What is the lowest and highest possible Accuplacer score?
Lowest score = 20; Highest possible score = 120.

Accuplacer Test Registration

Can I take the Accuplacer test online at home?
No, you can't take the actual test at home, however, for practice purpose, you can take online tests on the official website of Accuplacer.
How to apply for the Accuplacer test?
You can register online at the official website of Accuplacer -
How much does the Accuplacer test cost?
$15 to $50.
Can I retake the Accuplacer test?
Yes, but in that case, you will have to pay a flat fee of $10.
How many times can I take the Accuplacer test?
In the one-year period, you can take the Accuplacer test up to 3 to 4 times.
When will I get to know my Accuplacer test result?
You can get your result immediately after completing the test.

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