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New India was established by
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Mass communication gets filtered by
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The Times of India has launched its edition in the month of February 2012 from
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Which of the following is the latest development in the field of television set production?
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For some feminist critics, mass media are used to portray women as belonging to
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Searchlight was a newspaper published from
Question 7 reset
The National news agency of Indonesia is
Question 8 reset
The word 'journalist' is derived from
Question 9 reset
Trans personal communication is
Question 10 reset
'Deep throat' was the source of information for the reporters investigating
Question 11 reset
The post-industrial society is identified with
Question 12 reset
Modern mass media have made, by providing diverse choices, their audiences
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A newspaper can infringe on others' copyright provided it is in
Question 14 reset
In public information model of public relations, importance is given to
Question 15 reset
Scientific research in mass communication demands the demonstration of
Question 16 reset
In offset printing, the plate image is transferred to
Question 17 reset
The writers for media have adopted the narrative technique of
Question 18 reset
The Shannon and Weaver model of communication is:
Question 19 reset
The medium that has the widest reach in India is:
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The Surgeon-General's report focused on the impact of television violence on

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