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Charging a different price in different markets is called
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The concept of the vicious circle of poverty is associated with
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If interest payments are subtracted from the gross fiscal deficit, the remainder will be
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Which of the following measures of central tendency will be the most appropriate to use if the data relate to rates, proportions, and ratios?
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Opportunity cost version of comparative cost advantage doctrine was introduced by
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The most popular definition of sustainable development is given by
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During the planning period, the highest growth rate was achieved during
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Labour theory of value was propounded by
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The features of the classical system are
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Factor endowment theory is also known as
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Under the Brettonwood system, the long-term development assistance was to be provided by
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Marginal Revenue of a Monopoly firm is less than the price. Because:
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The classical economists focussed on the role of money as
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If the demand for money perfectly interests inelastic, the LM schedule will be
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Harrod-Domar model of economic growth is based on the equilibrium between
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In calculating the buoyancy of a tax, we consider
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Which of the following measures of the central tendency suits the data best if the objective is to assess the distribution of values?
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Comparative cost advantage in Ricardo’s international trade theory arises due to
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Which of the following is not a component of Bharat Nirman?
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Improvement in the BOP deficit may be effected through

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