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Who expressed the view that "I see God in the smiles of poor"?
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National Investigating Agency (NIA) has been set up with the aim of
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Which one of the following has an open land border with India?
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Which one of the following is not recognized as a Principle of War?
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Which one of the following has not been active in the North-East of India?
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Who is the author of the book 'Prepare or Perish'?
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Who among the following propounded 'National Character' as one of the elements of Sea Power?
Question 8 reset
'Mandala Theory' of inter-state relations during ancient India was propounded by
Question 9 reset
'Operation Green Hunt' was launched
Question 10 reset
Kyoto Protocol is related to
Question 11 reset
Which one of the following is a potential Biological warfare agent?
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'Wings of Fire' is the biography of
Question 13 reset
. The idea of 'Sustainable Development' was conceived by
Question 14 reset
World Trade Organization (WTO) is established to monitor the following
Question 15 reset
Indian Peace keeping force was deployed in Sri Lanka during the period ______.
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Which one of the following is the second largest ethnic group in Afghanistan?
Question 17 reset
Falk land war had been fought between the following:
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Who coined the term "Cyberspace"?
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Red Corridor' is the proposed goal of the following:
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In the New World order, which one of the following has reduced its significance?

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