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How many 6mF, 200 V condensers are needed to make a condenser of 18 pF, 600 V?
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If the linear momentum of a body is increased by 50%, then the kinetic energy of that body increases by _____
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In Young's double slit experiment, a third slit is made in between the double slits. Then
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ln which of the processes, does the internal energy of the system remain constant?
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The maximum kinetic energy of emitted electrons in a photoelectric effect does not depend upon
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The masses of two radioactive substances are same and their half lives are 1 year and 2 years respectively. The ratio of their activities after 6 years will be
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There is a uniform magnetic field directed perpendicular and into the plane of the paper. An irregular shaped conducting loop is slowly changing into a circular loop in the plane of the paper. Then ______.
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The ratio of minimum wavelengths of Lyman and Balmer series will be
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Two beams of red and violet colours are made to pass separately through a prism of A = 60°. In the minimum deviation position, the angle of refraction inside the prism will be
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92U235 undergoes successive disintegrations with the end product of 82Pb203. The Number of a and b particles emitted are
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A boat has green light of wavelength l = 500 nm on the mast. What wavelength would be measured and what colour would be observed for this light as seen by a diver submerged in water by the side of the boat?
Given \[n_w = \frac{4}{3}.\]
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A body of mass 4 kg is accelerated upon by a constant force, travels a distance of 5 m in the first second and a distance of 2 m in the third second. The force acting on the body is
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A body weighs 50 grams in air and 40 grams in water. How much would it weigh in a liquid of specific gravity 1.5?
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A capacitor and an inductance coil are connected in separate AC circuits with a bulb glowing in both the circuits. The bulb glows more brightly when ______.
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A horizontal metal wire is carrying an electric current from the north to the south. Using a uniform magnetic field, it is to be prevented from falling under gravity. The direction of this magnetic field should be towards the______.
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A metal wire is subjected to a constant potential difference. When the temperature of the metal wire increases, the drift velocity of the electron in it
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A motorboat covers a given distance in 6 hours moving downstream on a river. It covers the same distance in 10 hours moving upstream. The time it takes to cover the same distance in still water is ______.
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A body of mass M hits normally a rigid wall with velocity V and bounces back with the same velocity. The impulse experienced by the body is
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A body projected vertically from the earth reaches a height equal to earth's radius before returning to the earth. The power exerted by the gravitational force is greatest
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A count rate meter shows a count of 240 per minute from a given radioactive source. One hour later the meter shows a count rate of 30 per minute. The half-life of the source is _______.

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