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Investment in a Government Security issued at a fixed interest rate is subject to which of the following type of risk?
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Which of the following market, is the market for trading in securities already issued?
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Which of the following asset classes is primarily used to meet regular needs for liquid cash?
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Financial markets enable economic growth by providing access to funds for productive Enterprise.
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The terms on which security is issued is primarily decided by ____
Question 6 reset
Which of the following market is directly influenced by the Policies of the RBI?
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A person who has a complain against an insurance company must lodge his complaint with?
Question 8 reset
What are the minimum tangible assets to be maintained by an individual investment adviser? Rs 2 lakhs Rs 5 lakhs Rs 10 lakhs
Question 9 reset
Which of the following asset classes Is most likely to meet the objective of generating a regular income?
Question 10 reset
Which of the following kind of investment is likely to be recommended to an investor who seeks a high level of Return and is willing to bear the risk of such Investment?
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Simple absolute return is an appropriate measure of return for calculating returns for periods less than ____ 3 years 4 years
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Mr. Tiwari requires Rs.10 lakhs in 6 months time to pay his daughter’s admission fees. An appropriate investment to set aside money for his goal would be ____
Question 13 reset
If an investor purchases equity shares of an oil producing company then the returns from his investment do not face ____
Question 14 reset
In a fund of fund the portfolio consists of ____
Question 15 reset
The dividend distribution tax applicable for individuals in equity funds ____
Question 16 reset
Which investment is Mr. Amit likely to tap if he needs rupees 5 lacs urgently for an emergency medical procedure?
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Registration and regulation of security market intermediaries is the function of which of the following organisation?
Question 18 reset
If a retired person is depending on a monthly annuity income to finance his expenses then the greatest risk faced by his cash flows is ____
Question 19 reset
Annualization of returns enable comparison over different ____
Question 20 reset
On which of the following will the interest rate risk in a debt fund depend on?
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What would be an appropriate investment option for a conservative investor who wants to accumulate Rs.20 lakhs in 4 years time?

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