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The magnetic moment of a diamagnetic atom is

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A substance reduces to \[\frac{1}{6}th\] of its original mass in 2 hours. The half-life period of the substance will be

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A person can see clearly objects lying between 15 cm and 100 cm from his eye. What will be the range of his vision, if he wear close fitting spectacles having a power of 0.8 D ?

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The first person who induced mutations by using X-rays was?

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Germplasm theory was proposed by

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What will be the molarity of a solution containing 5.0g of NaOH in 250 mL solution ?

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The number of principal solutions of \[\tan2\theta=1\] is

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The point on the curve \[y=\sqrt{x-1}\] where the tangent is perpendicular to the line \[2x+y-5=0\] is
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\[\int_0^3 [x] dx =\]__________, where \[[x]\] is greatest integer function.
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Find the value of k if the points \[A(2, 3), B(4, k)\] and \[C(6, –3)\] are collinear.

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