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The working of magnetic braking of trains is based on
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A bar magnet is allowed to fall vertically through a copper coil placed in a horizontal plane. The magnet falls with a net acceleration of

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If E and B represent electric and magnetic field vectors of an electromagentic wave, the direction of propagation of the wave is along

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A body of the mass 50 kg is suspended using a spring balance inside a lift at rest. If the lift starts falling freely, the reading of the spring balance is

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The value of I in the figure shown below is

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The scientist who is credited with the discovery of ‘nucleus’ in an atom is
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In the A.C. circuit shown, keeping ‘K’ pressed, if an iron rod is inserted into the coil, the bulb in the circuit,

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The pressure of real gases is less than that of ideal gas because of
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Which of the following structure of a molecule is expected to have three bond pairs and one lone pair of electrons?
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Extraction of chlorine from brine solution is based on
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Which of the following elements forms pπ - pπ bond with itself?

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The electronegativities of C, N, Si and P are in the order of

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A reaction has both ∆H and ∆S − ve. The rate of reaction

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Toluene reacts with halogen in presence of iron (III) chloride giving ortho and para halo compounds. The reaction is

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If nC12 = nC18, then n is equal to

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If | x-1 | < 1, then

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Find the value of x,

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The probability distribution of X is


The value of K is

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Find the value of given limit.

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What is the value of given integral?

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