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In the circuit below, the potential difference between A and B is

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The coefficient of friction between two surfaces is μ = 0.8. The tension in the string as shown in the figure is

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Select the output Y of the combination of gates shown in figure for inputs

  • A = 1, B = 0
  • A = 1, B = 1
  • A = 0, B = 0


Question 4 reset
If pressure and temperature of an ideal gas are doubled and volume is halved, the number of molecules of gas
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In the circuit of figure, treat diode as ideal, current in the 4 Ω resistor is

Question 6 reset
The minimum number of geostationary satellites required for uninterrupted global coverage is
Question 7 reset

Maximum kinetic energy of a photoelectron varies with the frequency (f) of the incident radiation as

Question 8 reset
Glass is
Question 9 reset

Dissolving 120 g of urea in 1000 g of water gave a solution of density 1.15 g/mL. The molarity of the solution is

Question 10 reset
Hydrolysis of aromatic amide gives
Question 11 reset
The polydispersity index of the polymer is always
Question 12 reset
Which of the following do not contain carbon-oxygen double bonds?
Question 13 reset

Which of the following electrolytic solutions has the least specific conductance?

Question 14 reset
Which of the following is a polyamide?
Question 15 reset

The digit in the unit place of 7291 is

Question 16 reset

If the points (-1, 3, 2), (-4, 3, -2) and (5, l, m) lie on a straight line, then l and m are

Question 17 reset

The maximum area of a rectangle that can be inscribed in a circle of radius 2 units is

Question 18 reset
Inverse of a diagonal non-singular matrix is
Question 19 reset

Find the imaginary part of conjugate of

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If A is 3 x 4 matrix and B is a matrix such that A ′ B and B ′ A are both defined, then the order of B is.

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