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Mobile banking offers the following
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The advantage of processor smart cards are

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The upper-value limit of an individual national electronic funds transfer (NEFT) transaction is
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Which of the following committee has recommended for establishment of the data warehouse?
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Which of the following is the gateway in India for EDI services worldwide?
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Banks can use a corporate website for
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The universal set of standards for EDI is known as
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Computer-based information systems offer
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Information technology has resulted in
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Impact of IT on banks can be
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The phases of disaster recovery planning are:
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IS audit for the software used is carried out by CAATT. This type is known as:
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The effective control mechanism(s) in a computerized environment is/are:

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A computer network mainly used to share
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Terminals Connected to a server is known as
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In a core banking system
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The debit card offers
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ATMs provide
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Security features available with smart cards are
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The advantage of processor smart cards are

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