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The Transfer of Property Act contains provisions relating to the transfer of:
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Under FEMA 1999, there is a provision of appeal. The first such appeal can be made to:
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Which of the following documents is a document of title to goods?
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SARFAESI Act 2002 is applicable to housing finance companies whose names are notified by:
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Under the RTI Act 2005, the period for providing information is:
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The lease for a purpose other than for agricultural and manufacturing purposes is deemed to be a lease from ______ and it can be terminated by giving ______ notice.
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Before enforcement of security interest i.e. sale of the security, the creditor, to show his intention to take possession, is required to obtain possession of the security by giving.
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Under provisions of the SARFAESI Act, which of following transactions do not require registration with the Central Registry?

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A stipulation collateral to the main purpose of a contract, under the sale of Goods Act, is called:
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What is the minimum and maximum no. of partners in a Limited Liability Partnership?
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A company has been sanctioned enhanced credit limits by its bank. For modification of change with the register of Companies, which among the following forms are to be used.
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Which of the following group is not included in term goods, as per the Sale of Goods Act?
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A suit is deemed to have been instituted (filed) in a court:
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As per the Sale of Goods Act, the ____ goods mean the goods identified and agreed upon, at the time of a contract of sale is made:
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As per the Sale of Goods Act, the _____ goods which are to be manufactured by the seller after making a contract of sale:
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In case if non-resident persons, which of the following income is taxable:
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As per the Sale of Goods Act, the ______ of the seller is terminated when the buyer gets possession of the goods:
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A bank has made payment across the counter, of a cheque issued as a crossed cheque and the holder claims damages from the bank. Under such circumstances, the bank is liable:
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Under FEMA, the term authorized person means:
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. A security interest created under the SARFAESI Act requiring registration with Central Registry with a period of:

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