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KYC is ____

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The process of money laundering is perpetrated by placement and layering.
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Objective of KYC guidelines issued by RBI is to control ____
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Is adopting anti money laundering practices compulsory for banks in India?
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PEP in the context of PMLA stands for ____
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India is not a member of a FATF.
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FCRA means ____
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Money laundering means conversion of illegal money into legitimate money.
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Under KYC, accounts cannot be categorised as ____
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Which of the following refers to the separation of illicit proceeds from their source by creating Complex layers of financial transactions?
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The branches of commercial banks should report suspicious transactions to ____
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Strict adherence to KYC norms is achieved through ____
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STR in the context of PMLA stands for ____
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The term Hawala is an ____ word.
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Branches may open accounts for those customers who are not able to provide KYC documents, provided, that total credits submission in all the accounts taken together is not expected to exceed Rs. ____ in a year.
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Which of the following document/s can be accepted by the banks as address proof of customer identification?
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In case of societies, the important document to be verified is ____
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Letter of thanks is sent to introducer(s) because it is assisting banks in verification of genuineness of account opened.
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While opening an account in case of partnership firm one of the vital document to be produced by the firm is ____
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Branches should not open deposit / advances accounts of banned / terrorist organisations as circulated by ____

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