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The regulator of the banking system in India is

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In which one of the following states, Sariska Tiger Reserve is located?
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Which of the following carries out 'Open Market Operations' ?
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Statue of Liberty is the national monument of
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What will come in place of question mark (?) in the following number series ?

8    14    25    46    82    ?

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The largest and the smallest angles of a triangle are in the ratio of 3:1 respectively. The second largest angle of the triangle is equal to 56°. What is the value of largest angle of the triangle?
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Equation number I and II are given. You have to solve both the questions and answer.

  1. x2 = 144
  2. y2 - 24y + 144 = 0
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Study the table carefully and answer the following question.

Village% of people having Bank account out of total population in the villageOut of people having Bank Account
% male among the total people Bank Account% of Inoperative Bank Account

Question: If the population in village A and C are in ratio of 2 : 1 then, what is the ratio of inoperative Bank Account in Bank A and C.

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Directions: Study the following arrangement carefully and answer the question given below:

D 1 5 E % K 3 J I 9 P 8 # A 2 B $ K M 6 W @ N 4 Ⓒ T J 7 F H

Question: What should come in place of the question mark(?) in the following series based on the above arrangement ?

D5%    J98    2$m    ?

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Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which one of the following does not belong to that group?
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Directions: In the following question assuming the given statements to be true, find out which of the two conclusions I and II given below them is/are definitely true.


  • Q = H
  • H < L
  • L < F


  1. Q < F
  2. H < F
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Directions: Read the given information carefully and answer the given question.

  • Two buses A and B starts their journey from same depot but not necessary in the same order.
  • Bus A starts moving 6 km towards north direction to point P then take right turn and move 18km to reach point R, then take left turn and move 12km to reach point S.
  • Point P, Q, and R lies in the same line.
  • The distance between P and Q is half of the distance between point Q and R.
  • Bus B starts to move toward west 2km more than point Q and R from the depot and reach point W. than take a right turn and walk 18km to reach point U.
  • U, V, and W lies in the same line as the distance of V and W is double of the distance between and U and V. from point U bus B take a right turn and reach point S. point T lies between U and S in the exact midway.

Question: What is the total distance between U and S ?

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Direction: Read the given passage and answer the followig question.

Passage: Three  sets  of  reasons  are  attributed  for  the  slowdown of the Indian economy. 

First,  the  external  environment  had  deteriorated  sharply.  The  recovery  from  the  crisis  of  2008  was  tepid. One  country  after  another  in  the  developed  world  came  under  pressure. It  had  an  adverse  impact  on  developing  countries,  including  India. 

Second,  there  were  severe  supply  bottlenecks.  Agricultural  production  fell  sharply  in  2009-10  because  of ƒ severe  drought.

The  third  set  of  reasons  is  basically  non-economic  which  led  collectively  to ƒ weakening  of  investment.

Question: Choose the word which is MOST SIMILAR in meaning to the word 'TEPID' as used in the passage.

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Directions: Which part of the statement given below has an error?

Despite of their best efforts (a)/ they failed to retain (b)/ the contract due to (c)/ unwanted political interference. (d)/ No error (e).

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Directions: Fill in the blank with an appropriate word.

One evening during a ________ storm; there was thunder and lightning, and the rain poured down in torrents.

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Directions: In the sentence given below, four options are given. You are needed to identify the best way of writing the sentence in context of the correct usage of standard written English.

Sentence: The entire cast and crew of the film, enjoyed splashing in the pool, bathing in the ocean, and, particularly, to sun bathe on the shore.

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Software is

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The Third Generation Computer was made with

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The basics operations performed by a computer are:
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Which of the following is not a computer language ?

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