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Directions: Read the following passage and answer the question that follows.

Paragraph: The doctrinal teachings of Protestant and Catholic reformers were inimical and anathema to one another. But their broader aims and aspirations could at times look remarkably similar. Both hoped to create a more spiritual Church, and a godlier, disciplined, and ordered society. And both confronted similar obstacles, in the ignorance, apathy, or sheer bloody-mindedness of local communities who might see little reason to change their ways at the behest of high-minded idealists. It makes little sense to consider the Catholic and Protestant Reformations separately from each other, and their contrasting, and sometimes converging, trajectories need to be treated side-by-side.

Question: Which of the following created obstacles in the process of reformation?

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Directions: Read the following passage and answer the question that follows:

Passage: Researches suggest that there are creatures that do not know what light means at the bottom of the sea. They do not have either eyes or ears; they can only feel. There is no day or night for them. There are no winters, no summers, no sun, no moon and no stars. It is as if a child spent its life in darkness in bed, with nothing to see or hear. How different our own life is! Sight shows us the ground beneath our feet and the heavens above us-the sun, moon, stars, shooting stars, lightning and the sunset. It shows us day and night. We are able to hear voices, the sound of the sea and music. We feel, we taste, we smell. How fortunate we are!

Question: In the passage a child in darkness is likened to

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Directions: Disregarding commonly known facts, read the given information carefully and then answer the question that follows:


  • Some drivers are technicians
  • All technicians are engineers
  • Some engineers are lecturers

Question: Which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements?

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Directions: In following question, a matrix of certain characters is given. These characters follow a certain trend, row wise or column-wise.

Question: Find out this trend and choose the missing character accordingly.

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Three views of a cube following a particular motion are given below:

Question: What is the letter opposite to K?

Question 6 reset

Consider the following figure and answer the question that follows :

Question: What is the total number of triangles in the above grid ?

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Directions: This question are based on the diagram given below showing four persons stationed at the four corners of a square piece of plot as shown.

Question: A starts crossing the plot diagonally. After walking half the distance, he turns right, walks some distance and turns left. Which direction is A facing now?

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Directions: Study the following table carefully and answer accordingly :

The different five-star hotel projects completed by different companies.

Question: Which project had the minimum cost per room?

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Question: Which one of the figures shown below occupies the blank space (?) in the matrix given above?

Question 10 reset
Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
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Village M is larger than village K which is smaller than village R. If village N is larger than village R but smaller than village M, then which of the following village is the smallest ?

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How many kg of custard powder costing Rs. 40 kg must be mixed with 16 kg of custard powder costing Rs. 55 kg so th at 25% may be gained by selling the mixture at Rs. 60 kg?

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The fare of a bus is Rs. X for the first five kilometers and Rs. 13/- per kilometer thereafter. If a passenger pays Rs. 2402/- for a journey of 187 kilometer s, what is the value of X ?
Question 14 reset
A certain amount was to be distributed among A, B and C in the ratio 2 :3 :4 respectively, but was erroneously distributed in the ratio 7:2:5 respectively. As a result of this, B got Rs. 40 less. What is the amount ?
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In how many different ways can the letters of the word ‘THERAPY’ be arranged so that the vowels never come together ?
Question 16 reset
Sum of three consecutive numbers is 2262. What is 10 % of the highest number ?
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What is the difference between the simple and compound interest on Rs. 7,300/- at the rate of 6% per annum in 2 years ?

Question 18 reset
Rs. 73,689/- are divided between A and B in the ratio 4 :7. What is the difference between thrice the share of A and twice the share of B ?
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Directions: Read each passage and answer the question that follow :

Passage: Nature sometimes joins her effects and her appearances to our acts with a sort of serious and intelligent appropriateness, as if she would compel us to reflect. For nearly a half hour a great cloud had darkened the sky. At the moment when Jean Valjean paused before the bed the cloud broke as if purposely, and a ray of moonlight, crossing the high window, suddenly lighted up the bishop pale face. He slept tranquilly.

Question: What is the significance of cloud ?

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Directions: Read each passage and answer the questions that follow :

Passage: He walked down to the sea which was heavy and still and glittery in the moon day sun. The tide was far out. The fishing fleet stood becalmed at the horizon as if it had come to the end of the world and could go no further, its sails hanging slack at this still time of day. Only the Pariah Kites wheeled in the sky, up in the very dome of it, looking down on the crawly sea and the little creatures on earth from their great height and distance. Now and then they whistled thin, shrill whistles. And, the pigeons cooed and cooed in the great Banyan tree, sounding as if they were trying to console.

Question: Pigeons are the sign of

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