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A train of length 110 m passes a pale in 3 seconds. How much time it will take to cross arailway bridge of length 165 m seconds)
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Which is NOT insect amongst following?
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Mangrove (Tidal forests) vegetation in India is mostly found in
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In what ratio sugar at Rs. 32/kg should be mixed with sugar at Rs. 37.50/kg in order that themixture is worth Rs. 34.50/kg ?
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Concave lens is used to correct
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Which among the one following river does not make a delta?
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Akbar launched "Din-i-llahi" in the year______
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The important metal used with iron to produce stainless steel is
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Which company started the First Railway Service in India?
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A,Q,Y,Z, are different persons. Z is the father of Q, A is the daughter of Y and Y is the sonof Z. if P is the son of Y and B is the brother of P then
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Which is the highest mountain on earth?
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Which one of the following pair in Chhattisgarh is not correctly matched?
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Which letter would be placed in the blank?
B D G K ____.
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Maximum rocks extension in Chhattisgarh is
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If Chandra is shorter than Reena, Puja is taller than Sita and Sita is taller than Reena, whoamong them is the shortest?
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Who is father of Modern Genetics?
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A member of Public Service Commission can be removed from his/her office under which Articleof the Constitution?
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What is Mushroom?
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Who acts as the Secretary of National Development Council (NDC) ?
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A box has 2 marbles each of red, blue yellow and green colours. The box is kept in a darkroom where the colours of the marbles cannot be distinguished. A boy wants 2 marbles of the same colours. Howmany different marbles he must draw from the box so that he is sure that he has got 2 marbles of the samecolour?

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