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An employee who is found guilty of misconduct may be-
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Discharge of an employee, under gross misconduct punishment, amounts to
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Minor misconduct means
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Total extraordinary leave can be granted to a bank employee, for the maximum period, of in the entire service for
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Which allowance are payable to clerks, while performing duties in the higher grade?
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If an employee refuses to do special allowance duty, then what does it amount?
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The word workers participation in management means
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Lack of Trained officers in the bank, is the ground for
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Under what pressure on the complainant, the cyber crimes cases are dropped?
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Frauds can be committed by
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The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 provides adjudication machinery. What is/are included in it?
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The judgment delivered by the arbitrator is called
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An arbitrator is appointed for settlement of a dispute, by
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The role of arbitration starts after failure of
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State the obligations of employees
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What is the role of a works committee, in any company which offers services to employees viz.
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How can the conflicts among employers and employees be settled or prevented?
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Disrupting the normal functioning of an enterprise (industry) through forceful appeals and negative behavioural acts, striking workers prevent others from entering and persuade them not to co-operate with the employer is called
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Lockout is a weapon available to
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A situation which is the psychological and physical reaction to certain life events' is called

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