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Bankers Cheques / Drafts cannot be paid in cash if the amount is Rs. ____ and above.
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FCNR accounts can be opened and maintained as
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The State Commission president should be a
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COBs are directly / indirectly owned by NRIs to the extent of atleast ____ %
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No fee or charges need to be paid for lodging the complaint with the Ombudsman?
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Non-registered firms can be sued by its creditors.
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BCSBI has been set up to look into complaints to the extent it points to any systematic failure in complaints with the codes.
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BCSBI is registered as a
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Who among the following are covered under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme?
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Failure to recredit customers A/c in case of failed ATM transaction will entitle the customer to receive compensation at Rs. ____ per day by the card issuing bank.
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Immediate credit of outstation cheques upto what amount is provided in satisfactorily conducted accounts?
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In the communication process, a receiver is a person who decodes a message?
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The period of credit in respect of debit cards is
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Indian Contract Act, 1872 is applicable to the rights of a bank as bailee.
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RBI has mandated recrediting of failed ATM transactions within how many working days from the date of receipt of the customer complaint.
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Lien is a/an of the creditor to retain possession.
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In case of FCNR accounts, the payment of interest is effected in
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All banks in India have to follow codes brought in by BCSBI.
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Customers have to send their complaints regarding deficiency in service by the member bank to BCSBI.
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PIN in Smart Card is called

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