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All taxes come under:
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Which of the most important source of revenue for the State Government of India?
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The capital deficit in India is:
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RBI implemented the Basel-III recommendations in India, w.e.f:
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As per Basel III implementation in India, minimum Tier 1 capital must be ____ % of risk-weighted assets on an ongoing basis:
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Under Basel III, the risk weight is for the capital charge for credit risk on the basis of the standardized approach for exposure to the commercial real estate:
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A risk that could arise due to legal actions or uncertainty of interpretations of contracts and agreements is called:
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A bank finds it difficult to repay the short-term deposits on maturity to its deposits because the funds of the bank are locked in long-term loans or investments. The risk arising from this situation is called:
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When Reserve Bank injects liquidity in the monetary economy of the country, this is done through which of the following mechanisms?
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ESOP stands for:
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Narrow money is the term in monetary aggregates which is represented by:
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When an existing non-profit organization is converted into a for-profit company, the process is called:
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The depository receipts listed and traded anywhere/ elsewhere other than in the United States, are known as:
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Interest spread refers to:
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The term broad money is known as:
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An option that provides to the option holder, a right to sell, without an obligation to sell, is called:
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What is the maturity period of treasury bills issued by Govt. of India:

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Under notice money market, the funds are transacted by banks for:
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Credit card business can be conducted by banks only if their net worth is at least Rs.
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In case of credit card, the customers can lodge a complaint with the banks within a period of:

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