UPSC Civil Services (Prelims) Paper 1 - General Studies

UPSC CSE Prelims (Paper 1) GS Mock Test Paper 2021: Practice Free Online UPSC Civil Services Examination (General Studies)

Practice for UPSC Civil Services (Preliminary) CSAT Paper 1 - General Studies exam with our free test papers.

UPSC Civil Services Prelims (CSAT Paper I) FAQs

Is there any such thing like CSAT paper I?
It has now become a common name used by the aspirants of UPSC Civil Services prelims exam. Actually, paper 1 (general studies) of IAS prelims examination is now commonly referred to as CSAT paper 1.
What is the pattern of CSAT paper 1?
There are 100 questions in this exam, each carrying 1 mark. So the CSAT paper 1 is of total 200 marks.
What is the test duration of CSAT paper 1?
2 hours (120 minutes).

Strategic Preparation Tips to Pass the UPSC Civil Services Prelims (Paper I) Exam in the First Attempt

In the first attempt to get success in the IAS, you need the right strategy. Candidates are often unsuccessful due to the lack of right strategy in Civil Services exam. In this post, comes with some important points to pass the IAS Prelims exam within just 6 months, which will develop an ideal strategy for your preparation.

First of all, we want to tell you that before preparing for this examination, you must keep your mindset positive in any situation. With this, you will be able to focus fully on effective preparation. with this thought, let us now, highlight some important aspects of exam preparation.

What is the nature of the Civil Services Examination (UPSC CSE)?

You have to throw this thing out of your mind that you need every information of the entire universe for the Civil Services Examination. If you study with this thought then you will be able to avoid shooting arrows in the dark. It is almost impossible to prepare for this exam in the absence of good strategy and good study material. But for this, you will also have to know the nature of the questions asked in this competetive examination. Let's get to it without wasting any time, so that you get full information about the nature of the IAS prelims test.

What type of questions are asked in the UPSC Prelims Exam?

If we carefully look at the question papers of the past years, then we can automatically get the answer to our question. UPSC prelims paper 1 (general studies) PDF question paper can be downloaded from the official website of the UPSC.

Exam Pattern: Analysis of UPSC Civil Services Prelims (Paper I) General Studies (GS)

How many questions are there in the paper I?

100 questions.

UPSC prelims paper (1) of General Studies is of how many marks?

200 marks.

What are the major topics of Civil Services Prelims Paper 1 General Studies (GS)?

Indian Politics, Indian History, Environment, General Science, Economics, and Geography.

What are the minimum marks that you need to score to pass the Civil Services Prelims exam?

This depends on what is the cutoff in the given year. It totally depends on the level of competition. But, anyhow you have to set a target to score more than 150 marks. Though Paper 1 marks will not be counted in your final score but in this exam, it is very important that you pass it with minimum required marks at least.

What is the ideal approach to get success in Civil Services prelims (GS paper 1) exam?

We have noticed that in the past few years, UPSC has shifted from conceptual questions to factual questions. Keeping this information in mind, go through the recommended IAS books and online study materials written in UPSC perspective.

What will be the best study material for Civil Services prelims (general studies paper 1)?

You need to prioritize good study material! You have to make an in-depth study of NCERT books (Class 6-12). This will make your basics stronger. It is a must for you to study the previous years question papers of the Civil Services prelims exam. This will help you to understand the pattern of the exam.

How will UPSC general studies (paper 1) mock tests series provided by TestMocks prove helpful to me?

Learning is a continuous process. You should ideally take at least one mock test. You should modify your answers multiple times. With the quality of TestMocks (UPSC prelims paper 1) online mock test series, you will get complete information about the pattern of exams.