CDS Mathematics

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Practice for the Combined Defence Services (CDS - Elementary Mathematics) with our free test papers.

UPSC CDS Elementary Mathematics Exam FAQs

How many questions are there in CDS paper (III)?
120 questions.
What are the total marks allotted for CDS elementary Mathematics paper?
100 marks.
What is a level of mathematics questions asked in CDS exam?
Easy to moderate.
What type of questions are asked in the CDS (Elementary Mathematics) exam?
Objective type MCQs(multiple choice questions).

UPSC CDS Mathematics Preparation Tips

What are some of the important topics from "Number System"?
Simplification, surds, L.C.M and H.C.F, etc.
What type of questions are asked from "Arithematic" section?
Important chapters from which most of the questions are asked are - Percentage; Ratio and Proportion; Simple and Compound Interest; Speed and Distance; Profit and Loss; Time and work.
How to prepare for CDS Mathematics (Trigonometry)?
Study basics (Sine, Cosine, Tangent, quadrant, and identities); remember all important formulas and practice more and more problems.
How to prepare for CDS Mathematics (Geometry)?
Majority of the questions appear from these sections: Lines; Plane figures and Angles. Practice solving figure related problems.
How to prepare for CDS Mathematics (Mensuration)?
This section consists of 2D and 3D geometry (area, surface area, and volume) based questions. Most problems are real-life application based. So practice more and more application based questions.
How to prepare for CDS Mathematics (Statistics)?
Practice problems on histograms and charts (pie/bar). Frequency analysis is also an important topic from the statistics section.