Ohio DMV Driver's Permit Test 2021

Ohio DMV Learner's Permit Practice Test Questions 2021

Practice free online Mock Test for Ohio DMV Learner's Permit 2021: Download PDF Question Papers with Answers for Ohio DMV Driver's License Written Exam Preparation.

Topic-wise Practice Tests for DMV Learner’s Permit Written Exam 2021

Ohio DMV Practice Test

StateExamLearner's Permit Test TopicQuiz
OhioDMV ExamTraffic Control Test QuestionsPractice
OhioDMV ExamAlcohal and Other Drugs Test QuestionsPractice
OhioDMV ExamDefensive Driving Test QuestionsPractice
OhioDMV ExamDriving Record Information Test QuestionsPractice
OhioDMV ExamIntersections and Turns Test QuestionsPractice
OhioDMV ExamParallel Parking Test QuestionsPractice
OhioDMV ExamPassing Test QuestionsPractice
OhioDMV ExamSharing the Road Test QuestionsPractice
OhioDMV ExamSpecial Driving Conditions Test QuestionsPractice
OhioDMV ExamState Related Driving Knowledge Test QuestionsPractice
OhioDMV ExamDMV Road Symbols Practice Test QuestionsPractice

Ohio DMV Learner's Permit Mock Test Details

Exam nameOhio DMV Written Test 2021
Total questions30
Passing marks80% passing score - Candidates need to answer atleast 24 correct questions to pass Ohio DMV licence exam.
Minimum ageAnyone who is 15 years old can get a learner license in Ohio
Official exam centresOhio Law Enforcement Agency’s Driver License Offices.
Appointment fees$5

Ohio DMV Learner's Permit Written Exam 2021: Important Links for Ohio Driving licence Test

Who Can Take Ohio DMV Driver's Licence Test?

This online test contains questions from Ohio DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Manual and will prove useful to Teenagers, Seniors, License Renewal/Transfer, New Arrivals, practice online Ohio Driving Knowledge Exam (written or computerized) for:

  • Ohio Driver’s License
  • Ohio Learner’s Permit
  • Ohio Driver’s License Renewal
  • Ohio Senior Citizens’ Refresher Test

Top 5 Books to Pass Ohio DMV Written Test in First Attempt

  1. Official Ohio DMV Driver's License Handbook (Driver's Manual).
  2. Ohio DMV Study Guide PDF.
  3. Ohio DMV Sample Mock Test Questions & Answers.
  4. Ohio DMV Offline Practice Tests.
  5. Ohio DMV Model Question Papers.

Ohio Driver's Licence Written Exam 2021: Official Ohio Learner's Permit Test Centres

Test CentresExam
AkronDMV Exam
AllianceDMV Exam
AshtabulaDMV Exam
AthensDMV Exam
BarbertonDMV Exam
BedfordDMV Exam
BellefontaineDMV Exam
Bowling GreenDMV Exam
CantonDMV Exam
ChillicotheDMV Exam
CincinnatiDMV Exam
ClevelandDMV Exam
Cleveland HeightsDMV Exam
ColumbusDMV Exam
ConneautDMV Exam
Cuyahoga FallsDMV Exam
DaytonDMV Exam
DefianceDMV Exam
DelawareDMV Exam
East ClevelandDMV Exam
East LiverpoolDMV Exam
ElyriaDMV Exam
EuclidDMV Exam
FindlayDMV Exam
GallipolisDMV Exam
GreenvilleDMV Exam
HamiltonDMV Exam
KentDMV Exam
KetteringDMV Exam
LakewoodDMV Exam
LancasterDMV Exam
LimaDMV Exam
LorainDMV Exam
MansfieldDMV Exam
MariettaDMV Exam
MarionDMV Exam
Martins FerryDMV Exam
MassillonDMV Exam
MentorDMV Exam
MiddletownDMV Exam
MilanDMV Exam
Mount VernonDMV Exam
New PhiladelphiaDMV Exam
NewarkDMV Exam
NilesDMV Exam
North College HillDMV Exam
NorwalkDMV Exam
OberlinDMV Exam
PainesvilleDMV Exam
ParmaDMV Exam
PiquaDMV Exam
PortsmouthDMV Exam
Put-in-BayDMV Exam
SalemDMV Exam
SanduskyDMV Exam
Shaker HeightsDMV Exam
SpringfieldDMV Exam
SteubenvilleDMV Exam
TiffinDMV Exam
ToledoDMV Exam
UrbanaDMV Exam
WarrenDMV Exam
WoosterDMV Exam
WorthingtonDMV Exam
XeniaDMV Exam
Yellow SpringsDMV Exam
YoungstownDMV Exam
ZanesvilleDMV Exam