KEAM Mock Test 2023 (CEE Kerala) Exam Question Paper PDF

Practice free online KEAM sample mock test series: Download KEAM solved model exam PDF papers (1/2) with previous years' questions and answers - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.

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What is KEAM Mock Test?

KEAM Mock Tests are model tests for the online practice of the KEAM exam. This helps students create a better exam preparation strategy. If you treat KEAM mock tests as actual tests, you will perform well in the actual Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical Entrance Examination as well. So instead of just rote learning concepts, practice KEAM mock tests to measure your strengths and weakness. KEAM mocks will help you in developing an effective study strategy.

As per the new exam pattern, it is necessary to include KEAM practice tests in your preparation strategy. We, at Testmocks, have designed KEAM mock test series that will provide you with in-depth coverage of the latest syllabus.

Benefits/Advantages of Taking KEAM mock tests?

Practice of online mock tests is important for candidates appearing in the upcoming KEAM exam. Our mock tests are prepared by experienced teachers. KEAM mock test is similar to the real exam and helps students assess their preparation.

By practicing free online KEAM mock tests, you get a fair idea about the real test pattern and reduce pre-exam anxiety. KEAM mock tests are important because of the time-bound practice they provide. KEAM Multiple attempts of KEAM mock test will help you revise the entire syllabus. KEAM mock tests help you remember basic concepts and perform better in the actual exams. KEAM Mock tests provide the scope of the question paper. KEAM Mock tests improve your time management skill.

Attempting multiple mock tests helps students revise the entire KEAM exam syllabus. This way they memorize concepts and perform well in the KEAM exam. Mock tests make students familiar with the style and scope of the KEAM question paper.

Why use Testmocks KEAM Online Tests?

  • Take new KEAM tests: Online MCQ quiz based on actual KEAM exam paper.
  • Community-driven: Created by top-notch KEAM faculties.
  • Comprehensive preparation tool: Our KEAM mock test series allow you to analyse your progress.
  • View KEAM score: After practicing our online KEAM tests, you can check your score and view answer sheets with exlpanations.
  • Free to use: We try to help candidates with our free KEAM mock tests.

Unique Features of Testmocks KEAM Test Series

  • Practice online tests including objective questions from old KEAM papers.
  • Solve free online model exam papers based on latest syllabus.
  • Take KEAM mock tests based on real exam pttern.


What is the fullform of KEAM?
KEAM stands for Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical
What is KEAM?
Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical more commonly known as (KEAM) is an entrance test for admissions to various professional degree courses in Kerala.
What is CEE Kerala?
It is an abbreviation for Commissionerate of Entrance Examinations, Kerala.
Which organization conducts KEAM?
Office of the Commissioner of Entrance Exams (Govt. of Kerala).
What are the courses that I can pursue through KEAM?
Various degree courses offered by the participating colleges are Engineering, Medical and Architectural courses.
How is KEAM different with other entrance tests?
It is the only test in India which is directly conducted by state government.

KEAM Model Exam Pattern

Which organization decides the pattern of KEAM?
CEE Kerala
What is the mode of KEAM?
It will be conducted in offline mode.
What is the language of the exam?
What type of questions are asked in KEAM?
Objective type MCQs (multiple choice questions).
What is the total number of KEAM papers?
Two, Paper 1 is for two subjects - Physics and Chemistry; Paper 2 is for Mathematics only.
What is the test duration of KEAM (Paper 1 and Paper 2)?
2 hours 30 minutes (150 minutes) for each papers.
How many questions are asked in KEAM (Paper 1)?
There are 120 questions in paper 1 (Physics / Chemistry).
How many questions are asked in KEAM (Paper 2)?
There are 120 questions in paper 2 (Mathematics).
What are the total marks of Paper 1 and Paper 2?
Each papers are of 480 marks.

KEAM Exam Preparation Tips & Tricks

How to manage time for KEAM preparation?
Create a time table according to the syllabus of KEAM and stick to it. This way you will be able to utilize your time in a better way.
How to prepare as per syllabus?
Never study anything which is out of syllabus. Learn all the topics from the syllabus.
How to select study material for KEAM?
Read basic books; try solving previous year KEAM papers and practice online mock tests. It will help you in better understanding the pattern of the exam. It will also improve your speed and accuracy.