GRE Mock Test 2022 Practice Free Online Exam Paper

Best GRE Mock Tests 2022: Practice free online (Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning) questions and answers for the preparation of Graduate Record Examination.

GRE Mock Test Details: Exam Pattern

Assessment Organization Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Exam Name Graduate Record Examination

Three Parts of GRE Exam

  1. Analytical Writing
  2. Verbal Reasoning
  3. Quantitative Reasoning
Test Duration 3 Hours 30 Minutes (210 Minutes)
GRE Exam Mode Online (Computer Based Test)

What is GRE?

The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a standardized test for measuring the academic abilities of aspiring master and doctoral students. At many US universities and graduate schools, the GRE result is a central component of the application for a master's or doctoral degree program. Although there is a subject-specific admission test for MBA courses with the GMAT, many US business schools also accept the GRE.

The test is organized by the US company Educational Testing Service (ETS). This specializes in the development and implementation of standardized certification and language tests.

GRE is a test that tests your knowledge after graduation from a college and assesses how ready you are for a master’s degree, postgraduate study, or continuing postgraduate education. GRE test is necessary to pass for admission in graduate or post-graduate universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

GRE has primarily designed the examination system for native English speakers, but the number of international students keeps increasing every year. This is because of the delivery of this serious and comprehensive exam required for further studies in U.S. universities. GRE is independent of the disciplines. Even international applicants usually have to take the test if they want to get a place. Now we will tell you about the features of the GRE and how to effectively prepare for taking this test.

The Distinctive Features of the GRE Exam

  • GRE includes two kinds of tests. Depending on your goals, you may need to take any special tests (subject test) or General test.
    1. General Test: It assesses verbal and math skills, ability to analytical writing and critical thinking.
    2. Subject Tests: These tests are less common and are characterized by high complexity as test the knowledge of the material of the last courses of the University in subjects such as mathematics, biology, physics etc.
  • In GRE there is a fourth section - experimental. It does not give points but allows the examiner to better understand how responsibly the applicant approached the exam.
  • Test results will be known in 2 weeks and are valid for 5 years.

GRE Exam Structure

GRE is divided into three sections “Verbal Reasoning”, “Quantitative Reasoning” and “Analytical Writing”, which will help evaluate the ability to read, write and understand what you read + there is a separate part of GRE - Subject Tests. The degree of correctness of your answers in the verbal and math sections determine the difficulty level of questions in other sections.

GRE Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning is designed to assess how well you understand what you read, quickly analyze, synthesize and systematize information. The following types of questions are found in this section: text and questions on it, the substitution of specific missing words in sentences and more complex additions of sentences that require knowledge of advanced vocabulary from the applicant.

The verbal part of the GRE test, in General, is aimed at testing the vocabulary of the student and knowledge of rare words in the English language (professional vocabulary, scientific terms, etc.). For the successful completion of this part of the exam, it is important to understand the meaning of words in different contexts and also expand your vocabulary by reading books (of different genres) and Newspapers in English.

In order to pass the verbal reasoning section, it is important to understand the test pattern. To solve questions of the verbal part of the GRE you get only 40 minutes. For many unprepared students, this time is too little so you need to develop a strategy to stay within the given time frame.

GRE Quantitative Reasoning

This part of the GRE test includes testing knowledge of the various branches of mathematics. In 35 minutes you have to cope with 20 questions that include geometry and mathematical analysis skills, linear algebra, comparison and analysis of data from graphs and tables, as well as their adequate interpretation, arithmetic problems, and even probability theory. There are questions in which there can be multiple correct answers.

For many students, this part of the exam is the most difficult because its successful completion requires not just the knowledge of mathematics, but the ability to pay attention to the details of the questions, concentrate on them and to properly allocate time.

GRE Analytical Writing

Analytical writing is the last major part which serves as a real indicator of your preparation. In this section, there are only two tasks - an essay on a general topic and an essay argument, each of which is given 30 minutes.

  1. Essay Writing: You have to write a standard essay on a given topic that you must disclose from one of the suggested topics to choose from. The presentation should be logical, supported by examples, relevant information, and evidence, as well as in the correct English language.
  2. Essay Argument: You have to analyze the argument and present a counterargument, based on a critical analysis, clearly, succinctly and convincingly. Students can see the list of topics for the analytical part on the official website of GRE.

Many students think that to prepare for the analytical part of GRE is optional, and the essay writing can fetch them a high score. However, due to the rigorous system of assessments, preparation for essay writing is still recommended. It is important to use the logical and competent illustration of the text to express your thoughts in writing and to listen to the creative criticism from teachers.

GRE Preparation Useful tips

In order to successfully pass the GRE exam, it is necessary, first, to objectively assess its complexity and to pay great attention to the preparation process.

There are some simple tips that will give you important information regarding passing the GRE exam.

  • Start preparing for the exam at least 6 months prior to application deadlines.
  • Prepare various study materials, official and unofficial. Test materials and their format change every year, so it is important to acquire relevant textbooks and manuals.
  • Practice in all possible ways. Use the flashcards to memorize, take online GRE mock tests, read the newspaper on various subjects in English, etc.
  • For a more comprehensive and extensive preparation enroll in special GRE courses.
  • Take care of the proper psychological attitude on the day of your exam, get rid of the excitement, focus and prepare for the performance of complex questions in a short time. Concentration and a positive approach will definitely help you in passing the test.

Each student has their own strengths and weaknesses in knowledge, and clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and development of a deliberate strategy of writing the test will surely help you successfully pass the GRE exam.

Best Online Resources for GRE Prep

Here we have listed some of the best online websites for GRE preparation. Please note that some of these require login or sign-up to access study material and practice tests.

  • Princeton
  • Manhatton
  • Magoosh
  • Kaplan
  • Prepscholar
  • Grad school
  • Mcgraw Hill
  • Jamboree
  • Khan academy
  • The economist
  • Varsity tutors
  • Xceptional Prep

Important Pointers for GRE Preparation

  • GRE practice tests are not harder than the real thing. So if you are wondering how to score better, then apart from taking full length mock tests, it is also recommended to practice short duration diagnostic tests with realistic difficulty level.
  • Make yourself familiar with the use of calculator as it is allowed in GRE sample general test.
  • Improve your vocabulary (vocal words) to score better in verbal section. Magoosh has created an app for vocabulary flashcards.
  • Buy comprehension guide books for GRE such as Barron's publication and Crunchprep. There are many useful study material sources with accuracy and good reviews. Here you get access to GRE quizlet with answers key, solutions and detailed explanations.
  • Take advantages of GRE prep videos available on YouTube and frequently asked questions on online portals and forums - Quora and Reddit.
  • It is recommended by experts that you should either enroll yourself for online courses or join nearby GRE coaching classes. It will provide access to best computer based practice tests and admissions counseling. There are many coaching classes that guarantees complete GRE preparation in one month by completing following courses:
    • Writing
    • Reading
    • Quantitative reasoning
    • Data interpretation
    • Analytical reasoning