QMC Kuwait Traffic Rules | Kuwait Driving Signal Test - 2024

New QMC Kuwait Road Traffic Rules (Motorcycle, Private, Public, Construction) 2024 - Kuwait driving law, QMC department, signs manual pdf, fines list. Check online at https://ttd.moi.gov.kw.

QMC Kuwait Driving Test

Traffic Rules to Legally and Safely Drive in Kuwait

1. Understanding the Basic Rules and Regulations of Driving in Kuwait for New Drivers

Is it mandatory to wear a seatbelt in Kuwait?
Yes, front and rear seat belts are compulsory.
When driving in Kuwait, what documents are required for inspection?
  • Driving License (DL).
  • Photo ID.
  • International Driving License (IDP).
  • Registration Documentation.
  • Insurance Documentation (min 3rd party).
What's the minimum age to rent a car in Kuwait?
21 years.
Are safety camera detection devices permitted in Kuwait?
Can traffic police issue on-the-spot fines in Kuwait?
Children of what age must travel in the back seat?
Children under 10.
Is a minimum of third-party insurance required to drive in Kuwait?
What's the alcohol limit for drunk driving in Kuwait?
ZERO BAC (blood alcohol content)
What are the speed limits in Kuwait?
  • Urban - 45kph
  • Rural - 50-80kph
  • Motorway - 120kph
Can I use a mobile phone whilst driving in Kuwait?
Are there any toll roads in Kuwait?
What's the minimum fine amount for abuse of disabled parking spaces in Kuwait?
100 KWD.
Within how many days can pay a parking fine?
Within 30 days.
Driving in Kuwait is on which side of the road?
Right-hand side: Kuwait has a right-hand drive.
In Kuwait, when entering a roundabout, can the driver continue driving?
No, the driver must stop the car.
Is it mandatory to wear seat belts when driving a hire car in Kuwait?
What is the exception of using a mobile phone while driving in Kuwait?
The exception of a hands-free system.
How many ring roads are there in Kuwait?

2. Navigating Speed Limits in Kuwait: A Driver's Guide

What's the speed limit in Kuwait?
120 kph.
What's the minimum speed limit on motorways in Kuwait?
50 or 80kph.
What's the speed limit for urban areas in Kuwait?
What's the speed limit on bridges, and flyovers in Kuwait?

3. Eligibility Criteria for Driving in Kuwait: Who Can Hold a License?

What's the minimum age to drive in Kuwait?
18 Years.
What's the education qualification required to drive in Kuwait?
A college degree.
What's the minimum monthly income required to drive in Kuwait?
KD 600.

4. International Driver's Permit and Kuwaiti/Non-Kuwaiti Driving License Requirements

Can I drive in Kuwait with an American license?
No, you can't drive in Kuwait unless you have an IDP.
Can foreigners drive in Kuwait under a tourist visa?
Yes, you need a valid foreign or international driver's licence.
Can I use an Indian driving license in Kuwait?
Yes, but IDP is required.
Can I drive in Kuwait with a UAE license?
Yes, but IDP is required.
What do I need to do to drive in Kuwait with a valid Qatar license?
Attest it from the Qatari embassy in Kuwait.
Can I drive in Canada with a Kuwait license?
Yes, with the International Driver's Permit (IDP), you can drive in Canada with a Kuwait license.